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 Love from Andrew, Jane, Bethany, Megan and Joseph Creamer

The Creamery


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Hello to all who have logged on to our humble website!


We hope you are all in good health and are ready to celebrate the festive season.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas and  New Year.


2002 has flown by.



Joseph is 20 months. He is extremely mischievous!!

Megan is 4˝ and attends nursery full time. She has grown a lot this year.

Bethany is 6˝ and loves school. Now in year 2.

Jane is continuing to enjoy being at home except for two afternoons a week when she teaches in Megan’s nursery as part of the National Family Literacy Project.

from The Creamers

Andrew is still working hard in the computer world in his partnership and there are now three fulltime employees.

Enquiries for Commercial Systems Consultants Limited always welcome!

We had the kitchen altered in a major way in the summer. We had the pantry and utility rooms knocked through and have had a small conservatory put on the back. It is all much more light and spacious. Life was chaotic during the work but we’re pleased we had it done.

We had a great time camping in the Norfolk Broads during the summer. The weather was kind and the site had a lovely open air pool. Jane had to jump in fully clothed one day when Joseph made a much too adventurous dip!!!

We still go to Prince’s Ave Methodist church. Jane and the girls took part in a musical there at Easter. Andrew continues to be a Local Preacher.